Rest by GOE. Tune into your body.

Discover how to relax, ease stress and improve your sleep.

In Rest, we believe in a holistic approach to dealing with rest, or be it your mindset, by having a variety of different solutions for your needs. Our Yoga and meditation classes will help you relax, ease stress, deal with life a bit more and ultimately improve your sleep.

At Rest by GOE we believe with small steps you and those around you will notice a big change to your life and how you interact with it.

When we learn how to rest, we can sleep more fully, reduce stress, gain energy, and feel more positive about what each new day brings. But the ‘always on’ modern life is the very antithesis of rest.

Our programme will help you learn how to take a step back, relax and tune into your body – so you can really switch off. There is something for everyone in our Rest Programme, we give you the tools to help you on your wellness journey.

Rest Benefits

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Yoga + much more!
Catering to all abilities, Rest features classes in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathing and relaxation, plus numerous specialist classes.
Designed for busy lives
Rest classes designed to fit your lifestyle: ranging from five minutes all the way to one hour (in either audio or video). Tune into your body – whenever, wherever!
Join a community
It’s easier to stay on track with wellness when you feel supported. Our community forum is here to let you share ideas with other Gardens’ members and us too. We love to hear from you!

Know our Mentors

Certified coaches and training programs. Know more about them and start training with your favorite.

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